Saturday, 14 April 2007

cellular visions: the inner life of a cell

I remember as a teenager being quite taken by a novella by James Blish called 'Surface Tension', in which life below the surface of a pond is described in an almost mythical context. I wonder how many of today's teenagers would be prepared to make an effort to read such a story. (To be fair, I recall trying to read it again as an adult and finding that, for me, the 'glory had departed' from the story.)

The modern teenage mind is a different country from mine - it favours a more immediate visual impact and does not expect to have to work at at something very long before it gets its reward. There is a sense of instant access, instant gratification and then move on.

I found this animation on YouTube which paints a picture of life inside a living cell. Perhaps this has the kind of visual mythology that could impact upon teenagers' minds.

So, imagine you are on the Magic School bus with dear Miss Frizzle, and enjoy the view through your windows:

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